The Burden of Secrets

It’s been almost six years since the lead singer of American rock band Linkin Park died, allegedly at his own hand by hanging.  Chester Bennington was 41 and the father of six children when he died.  “I tried so hard and got so far…But in the end it doesn’t even matter.” Linkin Park’s song In the End is …

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Detachment; Cold-Hearted or Self Love?

How is it possible that all my problems are because of attachment? As I scrutinized my life, I realized it was true. My arguments with others emanated from attachment to my opinions. My anger was because of attachment to particular results that didn’t manifest the way I expected.

Shaking off the shame of yesterday

It doesn’t make any sense at all to attach a negative emotion to a past experience. The situation happened exactly the way it was supposed to for all the souls involved to learn and grow.

The Ugly Truth About Gossip

Have you ever noticed the correlation between being unhappy and how much we participate in gossip? Do you know people who thrive in creating drama and conflict? Are they happy people in general?  Or is there something under the surface that they can’t bear to face? Gossip is a defense mechanism.    It feels good …

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Modern Day Slavery

It was just coming up to midnight on a Thursday night. We were driving from the Orlando airport on a major route out of the city. In broad daylight I’m sure this road looked pretty innocuous and unspectacular. But on this particular evening, what stood out to me were the seemingly endless amount of windowless …

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“You’re Not a Failure”

“You’re not a failure”.  That was the headline staring at me first thing this morning as I settled in with my morning coffee to read my newsletter update from PositivityBlog.com.   The words struck me as I reflect back to an intense personal set-back I was confronted with last month. While I was going through it, …

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