All Aboard the Love Train

In 1981, I was just stepping into adolescence. With the emergence of MTV, I can vividly recall The Second British Invasion (the first one being in 1960). British bands like Tears for Fears were being brought to the forefront of the Western music scene. Although I had yet to take a full step away from playing with Barbies and Smurfs in the early 80’s, I did know that Roland and Curt were the band mates behind Tears for Fears.

However, what’s absolutely amazing about songs from the past is how relevant the lyrics have become today. I’m beginning to believe more fully that time as we know it, is irrelevant.

Sowing the Seeds of Love  was one of the most popular songs by Tears for Fears.   It was composed by Roland as a means of protesting against the “re-election” of Margaret Thatcher. In her obituary, Thatcher was referred to as “easily the most divisive and controversial Prime Minister the UK has ever seen”. 

We live in a world of division. It’s not by accident.  Politics, religion, race; they’re all tools used to divide the masses. Divided masses are easier to control. But in the end, we all hold the power to defy the division.  It’s called LOVE. If there’s one thing each and every human being on planet Earth needs to do, it’s to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. 

How do we do that exactly?  Buried in the lyrics of Sowing the Seeds of Love is practically a step-by-step guide. 

Feel the pain, talk about it

If you’re a worried man, then shout about it

Open hearts, feel about it

Open minds, think about it

Everyone, read about it

Everyone, scream about it

Read it in the books, in the crannies and the nooks, there are books to read for us

Sowing the seeds of love

Divided masses are easier to control. 

Give people the space to stand in their own truths. When we practice observation as opposed to judgment, we are practicing LOVE for one another.  Families and friendships can fall apart when we allow man-made division to take hold. Practice the affirmation I AM ACCEPTANCE. Each soul has their own journey. We have no right to interfere with the choices other souls make. If we do that, it’s coming from a place of ego which is the opposite of acceptance. ACCEPTANCE is unconditional love.

Time to eat all your words

Swallow your pride

Open your eyes

High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man

When we, as individuals, make a conscious effort to resist the trap of division, we take back our power.  Whether it be in society, the workplace or within your circle of friends or family, do not take the bait to be divisive.  Stand in your own truth.  Think for yourself.  Let others stand in their own truths. Do not judge others, just simply observe. 

So without love and a promised land

We’re fools to the rules of a government plan