Affiliate Discloser

If you purchase from the affiliate links I provide, I may make a small commission.  I carefully choose the people, products, and companies I align myself with as an affiliate.  There are so many people in this world innovating their own product solutions and I want to help them get the word out.   It’s usually the outcome of facing their own personal health adversities that they created these products.  I also seek the most simple and effective natural/holistic approaches that have been over buried over time that deserve to be resurrected.  I truly believe in the products I align with as powerful ways to heal ourselves and have experienced my own personal success.  Before you purchase any kind of supplement (from anywhere), ask yourself what you can get from food that you aren’t currently getting.  Supplements are an absolute waste of money and will not serve their purpose if one doesn’t change their diet first.  “Supplement” only what you can’t acquire from food.  Much gratitude for supporting Simple Truths by Rachel!