I AM, I Said

The subject line may have just inspired the sweet seventies melodies of Neil Diamond dancing through your mind.  If not, here is a link to the song, I AM I Said by Neil Diamond.  Now you can have the song stuck in your head for the next several hours.

I knew I wanted to explore the power of the I AM affirmations as an effective mindfulness and manifestation exercise. However, it was an interesting series of events that lead me to write about Neil Diamond’s own revelation.

I recently awoke from a dream where I heard the lyrics of this song. It stuck with me as this song connects to one of my earliest childhood memories. We’re talking about 1974. I was three years old. It was a sunny, warm weekend morning and my parents had this record spinning serenely in the background. I was playing on the back of the love seat, when I heard the line:

I am….I said…To no one there….And no one heard at all….Not even the chair.”

And as a three year old child, I thought he was talking specifically about the chair I was playing on.  It took me 47 years to look up the inspiration behind Neil Diamond’s song. Sure enough, it circles back to his own self-discovery in the empowerment to be found in the I AM affirmations:

Neil Diamond told Mojo magazine July 2008 that this song came from a time he spent in therapy in Los Angeles. He said:
It was consciously an attempt on my part to express what my dreams were about, what my aspirations were about and what I was about. And without any question, it came from my sessions with the analyst.”



Interesting….said I… 

So what exactly are affirmations? Affirmations are a powerful way to reprogram your brain, thus reprogramming your reality. It’s as simple as that.

Like most humans inhabiting the earth, I’ve had lengthy battles with the destructiveness of negative thinking. Nothing changes overnight. However, the daily exercise of I AM affirmations has been the most effective tool to set myself free from the negativity and the impact it had on my mental, emotional, and physical health.    

The Simple Truth: 

“I am” is one of the most powerful statements we can make. Whatever follows “I am” starts the creation of it. Yes, it’s true – “I am” is a 100% pure statement of creation. -The Power of Choice  

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